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The current PCB monthly capacity of 250000 square feet, including 50, 000 square feet of medium and small batches and samples, including some special materials, ultra-high requirements of special panels. Processing all kinds of soft plate, soft and hard bond board, hard board. Product types include ordinary FR4 plate, single and double sided aluminum substrate, medium and high Tg value plate, thick copper plate, Rogers high frequency plate, ultra-thin ultra-thick plate, halogen free plate and so on, involving special processes such as half-hole, impedance, goldfinger, blind gong, countersunk hole, etc. Surface treatment can be used in lead-free tin spray, gold deposition, electronickel gold, electrohard gold, silver sink, tin sinking or composite process, etc. Products are widely used in intelligent electronics, communication technology, power technology, industrial control, security engineering, automobile industry, medical control, etc. Military industry, aerospace and optical engineering and other fields. The companyundefineds customers are mainly concentrated in Australia and Europe and the United States, in the fierce market competition has been highly praised by customers, the volume of orders has been increasing year by year.

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