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Sensor Application Engineer


1. Carry out application analysis and research on sensor products, analyze sensor application requirements, implement sensor selection, and compare the advantages of sensors from various manufacturers;

2. Participate in the research and design of the functions of sensor products, prepare technical application plans, and formulate technical requirements for sensor applications;

3. Build a simple test platform, design a test machine, verify the key functions and performance, ensure that the products meet the market application needs, and have good application economic value;

4. Carry out the procurement work after sensor selection, prepare the procurement technical documents of purchased and outsourced sensors and their components, and ensure the procurement delivery;

5. Improve application design, refine product advantages, and continuously optimize the overall solution of sensor business scenarios;

6. Implement technical support after sensor application, verify product design, and prepare documents related to sensor detection, calibration, maintenance, etc.

Job requirements:

1. Master the professional knowledge in electrical engineering, automation and other related fields, be familiar with the working principle and application of sensors, understand the latest development direction of sensors, and have certain application ability of sensor products in the coal industry;

2. Excellent communication and organizational skills, strong decision-making ability, adaptability, and strong interpersonal skills;

3. Graduated from electrical engineering, electronic information, measurement and control technology and instrument and other related majors.